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Hi there, I am Denise. Welcome to my site about locks, keys and safes. Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed about becoming a locksmith. I loved to try to pick locks and use safes to store my valuables. Although my passions for this field never died, I took a different route with my career. I created this site to explore this topic in great detail in my spare time. I hope to help others develop a passion for this interesting field. I encourage you to visit my site daily to learn new info about locks, keys and safes.



When to Change Your Locks: It's Worth the Invesment

While you may not think about changing your locks frequently, there are times in your life when it is worth making this small investment. When you want your home to be more secure, if you have just moved, or if a roommate has moved out are all great times to change the locks on your home. In addition, you may want to look for ways to make your home more safe from intrusion by installing security lights near doorways and getting better locks for your windows. If you are nervous that an individual has a key to your home when they shouldn't, call a professional locksmith to take care of the problem.

When a Roommate Moves Out

Roommates are wonderful. The problem is, you may not know if your roommate gave out any copies of your key to a friend or loved one. If you did not separate on good terms, this is all the more reason to get your locks changed. Any time an individual who had a key to your home moves out, it's time to get your locks changed.

When You've Been Robbed

If your home was recently entered illegally, and you were robbed, get your locks changed. While new locks won't bring back the items that were stolen, it's possible that the criminal found keys in your home that work for the doors and took them for another round at your home.

When You Buy a New Home

While a realtor is going to give you all of the copies that exist of your new house's keys, there is no way to know who has a copy of your house key. The first thing you should do after closing on your home is to call a locksmith and get all of the locks changed so that you and your family are the only ones with access to your home.

If Your Home Was on the Market

If your home was on the market for sale, and you've changed your mind, you should consider getting your locks changed. There were probably a number of house keys floating around between your realtor and showings of your home. If you take your home off the market, it's wise to get new locks for your doors.

It's a small investment to get the locks changed out in your home, and it's wise to do so any time you don't feel safe with your current locks in place. Call a locksmith like Scottsdale Locksmithing for help doing this.