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Time To Change The Locks: When It's Important To Change The Locks In Your Business

When you own a business, it can be hard to protect your assets. While a locked door isn't going to stop everyone, it will deter disgruntled employees and petty criminals from getting into your store. If you have recently started doing business at a new location, had your business broken into, or fired an employee, it's time to get the commercial locks changed on the property. Your business is important, and keeping your records or goods safe from the public is necessary. The costs associated with changing out your locks are well worth the investment when you are concerned about individuals coming into your business uninvited.

If You've Had to Fire an Employee Unexpectedly

You need to be able to trust your employees. Whether an employee opens up the store for you, or has keys to stay late at night in the office, trust is essential. When you have to fire an employee unexpectedly, it's time to change the locks in your business. A disgruntled employee who has the keys to your business doesn't have to come in uninvited to wreak havoc. Someone who is mad enough may decide to make copies of the key and give them out. You don't know what a person will do when they are upset enough.

You Moved Into a New Location

It's common sense to change all of the locks when you move into a new business location. You will have no idea how many keys are out there to the locks on the property, and changing out all of the locks is essential. Talk with your landlord about your concerns, and ask that the locks be changed as part of your rental agreement.

Your Business Has Been Broken Into

While changing your locks after a burglary seems futile, it's a good time to take a look at what is protecting your business from intrusion. The locks should be changed, and any old locks that exist should be upgraded. While on your property uninvited, a criminal may have found a spare set of keys. Get your locks changed and look for other ways you can keep your business safe. Additional security measures such as cameras, motion lights and safety doors can make a difference.

When you are running a business, any time you are concerned that an unauthorized individual has keys, it's time to change your locks. The protection of your business is worth the investment. Reach out to a local commercial locksmith service for more information.