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Commercial Locksmiths: 3 Ways To Secure Sliding Glass Front Doors

Giving potential clients passing by a good view of the inside of your store with sliding glass front doors can really help you reel them in. While these doors advertise the products inside your store, they also give burglars a good view of what they can steal. This makes your business a more likely target, especially since burglaries within the U.S. have doubled in the last decade. Sliding glass doors are not particularly secure. They are easy to break into and easy to remove. Here are three ways a locksmith can help you further secure the doors and protect your business.

Install Locks at the Bottom Tracks

Most sliding glass doors are a lot more vulnerable than you'd think. Burglars can easily break into the doors by breaking the locks or by loosening the doors from the tracks. A commercial locksmith can help you install locks at the bottom tracks to further secure the sliding glass doors. To install a lock there, the commercial locksmith will have to drill a hole. While this changes the structure and design of the doors, these locks help prevent forced entries.

Get Security Bars Fitted for the Doors

If your business has a door at the back, encourage your employees to leave from the back at the end of the day, so that security bars can be fitted over the tracks of the sliding glass doors. These security bars keep the doors in a locked position and prevent them from being opened from the outside. The quality of the bar will influence how effective it is.

Use Self-Tapping Screws at the Top Tracks

Even though the sliding glass doors might look secure, they may actually be very easy to remove. A commercial locksmith can inspect the doors to determine whether they can be removed from the outside and the length of time or the type of equipment that will be needed if they can. Most commercial locksmiths recommend installing self-tapping screws at the top tracks of the doors to further secure the doors and prevent them from getting lifted or disassembled.


Although sliding glass doors can really make your store look a lot more appealing and attractive, they make your store a target to burglars. If you choose to go with these doors, have a commercial locksmith thoroughly inspect your doors after they've been installed to determine whether additional security measures need to be taken.