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Two Things You Shouldn'T Do When Your Keys Are Locked In Your Car

Locking yourself out of your vehicle can turn a good day into a bad one in a hurry. While there are a variety of things you can do to regain access to your vehicle, there are some touted techniques you shouldn't try at all. Here are two you should avoid and why they're not ideal solutions.

The Hanger Trick

One of the most common tricks recommended to people who've locked their keys in their vehicles is to use a hanger to open the doors. There are two different ways this trick is supposed to be employed. The first way involves using the hanger like a Slim Jim and trying to engage the locking mechanism inside the door panel. The other way has you slipping the hanger through a crack in the window and using it to manually push or pull the button to unlock the vehicle.

This trick isn't a good idea for two reasons. First, it only works on older model cars that have pull-up locks. Many modern vehicles are outfitted with electronic locks that don't have any of the internal mechanisms that could be tripped by the hanger. Second, the buttons to engage/disengage the lock are usually located on or near the door handle, which is a much harder target to reach. Chances are good that you'll only end up either breaking the door or damaging the interior of your car if you attempt this mode of entry on a current-day vehicle.

Calling the Police

Another common tip given for getting into a locked vehicle is to call the police for assistance. This isn't a bad tip per se. Police do have the tools needed to open vehicle doors, and they will help in a pinch. The problem is lockouts are deemed non-emergency issues, and it could be a long time before an officer arrives at the scene, depending on the size of the staff and the work load. This can present a safety issue if you're locked out of your vehicle in the middle of the night and/or in a desolate area.

Your best option is to call either a locksmith or roadside assistance when you're locked out of your vehicle. These professionals will arrive on the scene quickly and get your door unlocked quickly, so you can go about your day. For more information about these issues or help with a locked vehicle, contact a locksmith like Mr Lock Doc LLC.