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3 Ways To Make Your New Home Feel More Secure

Have you recently bought a new home? Although you may be excited about living inside of this new property with your family, it is important for you to consider taking any necessary security measures ahead of time. After all, you may want to make sure everyone is safe and can rest peacefully in the new place without worrying.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

One way to know for sure if someone or something is hanging out around your home is to install motion sensor lights. You can surround your home with a set of these lights. A person's motions would trigger the lights to shine brightly down in front of your home so that you are immediately aware of the presence of another individual or possibly even an animal.

Change the Locks

The past owners of the home may have changed the locks before you officially became the new owner, but you should still change them yourself to be on the safe side. Although most people who are selling their homes are honest and reliable, you do not want to deal with the possibility of someone else having a spare key to your residence. You can have a locksmith come out to install new deadbolts and door knob locks on both the front and back doors.

During the installation of these new locks, you can ask the locksmith to use longer screws on the door hinge. Most of the hinge and lock sets come with a set of short screws, but longer ones make it more difficult to break through, so it is always good to use them when possible.

Add Gravel to Your Front Lawn

Have you ever stepped on a pile of gravel? If so, you may have noticed it makes a lot of noise. Now imagine what it would be like if you had a bunch of gravel on your front lawn and someone was walking over it in an attempt to get to your front door. You would likely hear the person long before they even made their way to the front of the home. Not only is it a great burglar deterrent, but it can also enhance the exterior of your new home. If you would like to try this method, you would need to start by placing landscape fabric over the grass and leaving it sit for about a week before pouring plenty of gravel on top of it. You can choose from all kinds of beautiful and exotic pebbles and stones.

There is nothing better than that feeling of security when living in a new home. You can make sure you have added security with motion sensor lights, new locks and some gravel spread out in front of your home that would make a lot of noise when stepped on. These simple tips could make you feel even safer. Contact a security company, like Maffey's Security Group, for more ideas on making your home secure.