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How Do Electronic Locks Provide Better Security?

Electronic locks are some of the safest locks available for everyday home use; this is why many locksmiths suggest upgrading. Below are some of the most important safety features of electronic locks. 

Hard to Crack

First of all, electronic locks are much more immune to break-ins when used correctly. They employ thick, deadbolt locks attached to a computerized access system. Many models also include a manual opening option in case of emergency circumstances. The computer software inside of these electronic locks uses encryption technologies to keep your passwords safe. Frequent updates to software help these locks stay ahead of cyber attacks and security threats. No wonder electronic locks are often referred to as "smart locks." 

Lower User Error

Electronic locks also benefit from lower user error. If you forget where you put your key, not only is it inconvenient, but it can also be a safety threat if someone finds it and figures out where you live. With smart locks, you may be able to change the passcode remotely using your smart phone. 

Easier and Safer to Give Temporary Access

Another benefit is that smart locks let you give temporary access to anyone who needs to get into your home. When you no longer wish for them to have access, you can deactivate their passcode on your smart phone or computer. There's no need to fear how many people have had the chance to copy your spare key. 

Quicker Access

When you need to get into your home quickly, such as if someone is pursuing you or you detect a fire inside, electronic locks can save the day. Some can be operated without doing anything; if you opt to use a keycard and keep it on your person, your doors may open as long as you're in the vicinity of the door. Even if you use a password, it's often a much quicker entry than if you had to search in your bag for a physical key.

Better Monitoring Options

A locksmith like Action Lock & Safe can help you set up various options for monitoring your home's locks. Many smart locks have an app that you can install on your computer or phone so that it tells you each time someone opens the door. An electronic locking system can also help you and your security system troubleshoot where something went wrong; if your home does get broken into, you will know which passcode was used to gain access to the home.