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Door Lock Not Working Right? 4 Things To Check

If the lock on your door doesn't seem to be working right, there are numerous things that you can check in order to get your door working properly again. When it comes to your door, you want the lock to work properly so you can keep yourself safe.  

1. How the Door is Hung 

First, you need to pay attention to how the door is hanging on the door frame. It should be secure and tight against your home. If it is not secure and tight against the frame, and you can see that the door is sagging where it attaches to your home, then your door is not hanging right. You need to tighten up the screws that are holding your door in place. If the screws are stripped for any reason, you are going to need to get a professional to help fix your entire door in order for your door, and your lock, to work correctly.  

2. The Location of the Strike Plate 

Second, you need to pay attention to the location of the strike plate. The location of the strike plate is really important. That is where the lock meets with the door frame. Over time, the screws that keep the strike plate in place can come loose. When that happens, you need to tighten up the screws that are holding the strike plate in place.  

If the screws are really short, you may want to switch them out with a longer screw. A longer screw will stay anchored better and will prevent your strike plate from sagging over time.  

3. The Location of the Lock 

Third, you need to pay attention to the location of the lock. Over time it is not uncommon for the door handle and the lock to get loose. You can see if you can tighten up the lock and door handle on your own.  

However, this is generally a good time to call in a locksmith. They can fix the door handle and lock so that it doesn't sag or loosen up anymore. If the door handle and lock are too worn down, a locksmith can replace them for you.  

4. The State of the Key 

Finally, you need to look at the state of your key. Although keys are designed to work time and time again, they can get worn down. If your key is worn down it will not engage properly with the lock, and will not be capable of unlocking your door. In that case, a locksmith can replace your key with a new one that will engage and work in the lock.  

If you have a lock that is not working properly, you need to examine the door, the lock, and the key to determine where the issue is originating from, and how you should take action to fix the issue.

You can reach out to locksmiths like Stephen K Migoley for more information.