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What Can You Do When You're Locked Out Of Your Safe Room?

How many homes have a safe room? It has been suggested that many homeowners who have built such a space (which is also known as a panic room) don't want to advertise the fact, but the companies that make these safe rooms have reported a year-over-year increase in the number of installations. Sure, the room is going to keep you and your family (perhaps along with some treasured possessions) safe and sound, but only if you can actually get into the room when it's needed. So what happens if you lock yourself out of your safe room?

The Current Situation

There's a really important question to ask about the moment you realize you're locked out of your safe room—are you and your family currently in danger? If you're attempting to shelter from a natural disaster, you might need to make your way to a community shelter instead of remaining in your home. If the situation is even more urgent, such as if an intruder has actually broken into your home, then call the police immediately. Hopefully you won't discover you're locked out of your safe room when you actually need to use the space.

Sliding Doors

Some safe rooms have sliding doors with no external unlock feature. These doors are traditionally left open so you can quickly enter the room when needed. If you should find that the door has unexpectedly closed, it might be that someone has actually closed it. Check with the members of your household. Has someone gone into the room and accidentally locked the door behind them? If so, they can usually unlock it from inside. Guide them through the process if necessary, although you might need to consult your owner's manual. If this door has somehow closed by itself, you will need to contact the company that installed your safe room.

Hinged Doors

Of course, other safe rooms feature a more traditional hinged door, although it will be significantly reinforced. The door will have a deadbolt, along with other features, such as a steel core, extended hinge screws, and tamper-resistant strike plate screws. Although the door is designed for strength, if there's an externally-accessible lock, a locksmith can generally unlock it for you, so don't hesitate to call one. Be sure to tell them the nature of the callout, since it will require more time than a standard problem (such as a homeowner being locked out of their house). It might take a bit of time, but a locksmith can open your safe room. They will also inspect the lock to make sure it's in good working order, since any faults might be the reason why it locked itself.

You might feel a bit unsafe when you're locked out of your own safe room, so it's important to get the issue fixed as soon as you can, since you don't know when you will actually need the room.