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Mistakes You Are Likely To Make When You Do Not Involve A Locksmith

Investing in a secure lock system is an excellent way to protect your family and valuables. In addition, you should ensure prompt repair of damaged and old locks. For these reasons, partnering with a reliable and qualified locksmith is essential. 

However, many homeowners opt to carry out lock repairs and replacements on their own to save some money. Although by doing this, you will evade the cost of hiring a locksmith, you will likely make numerous mistakes that could cost a lot more in the long run. Read on to learn some mistakes that come along with DIY. 

You Have Tested the Door but Forgotten the Keys

Many amateurs tend to forget crucial steps in the lock installation process. For example, after the lock is properly installed, the next step is to test the keys. But, if you have already closed the door and do not have the keys with you, you will be left stranded outside your home. 

When that happens, you'll inevitably need the services of a locksmith to unlock the door for you again. So, the best way to avoid such inconveniences is by engaging a professional locksmith right at the onset of the project. 

The Lock is Not Properly Oriented

Lock orientation is important during installation. Otherwise, you will not be able to operate your lock smoothly. Improper lock orientation normally happens when the deadbolt and doorknob are misaligned. If done right, the lock should be horizontal when locked and vertical when open. Call a trusted locksmith to rectify the error since you cannot risk sleeping with an unlocked door.

You Have Not Drilled the Door Correctly

When drilling holes to install a new lock, you have to be very conscious of what you are doing. Otherwise, you might make a costly mistake. Generally, all holes should be directly adjacent to each other. If one of the holes is higher or lower than the other, you will not only have damaged your door but the installation will also be impossible. 

The correct way of drilling is to ensure that the hole shows on the other side before switching sides. While at it, your hand should be steady. If you are unsure about it, call a locksmith.

Choosing a Digital Lock

While digital locks have revolutionized the security industry, they can be pretty complex to install. Because of that, you risk damaging your door and the lock if you do not have the right skills and tools for the job. Therefore, it is best to leave the installation to an experienced locksmith to avoid costly errors. 

Typically, lock installation is a complex process. And while you may think you will save money by doing it yourself, you might end up spending even more by making the above mistakes. Therefore, allow a professional locksmith to do the installation for you.